Ghost River – 2

October 8, 2006 at 6:14 pm (Ghost River)

“To tell the truth, prose doesn’t exist. There is the alphabet and then there is verse.” -Mallarme

Like almost everyone in Stranger Creek, I am a collector of rare texts, but the texts I collect are somewhat unusual. None of them have ever been written. I collect them from those who have crossed over. This is not a vocation that I chose, but one that come to me by chance.

Everyone should believe in something. I believe in texts. I believe there is only one and many mirrors that make the one always appear different. These texts move and vary while the one remains the same and never moves. The texts have qualities — some are clear, some are clouded, some reflect the whole, some the part — the one is without qualities.

Whatever I believe, when something asks where I live, I answer Kansas. It is important to maintain appearances, to keep them fresh, but actually, no one has ever lived in Kansas. The only place anyone has ever lived is the present.

The owl might live in Kansas though. That is definitely possible. Not the Kansas that is shown with towns and roads, all neatly named and diagrammed, but the real Kansas, the one not on the map.

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