Ghost River – 3

October 9, 2006 at 8:48 pm (Ghost River)

History is an odd thing. Out of the densely interwoven fabric of destiny, we attempt to form a narrative from only a few threads. We are not sure that what we capture or recover is even significant. And then from the few remnants and patches that survive we give voice to only a fraction, letting the rest lie in silence. We speak, briefly interrupt the flow of events, then our conversations slowly vanish into nothing.

But then there are times when a single word can suddenly strike one with the force of unimaginable recognition. This I have learned from reading the unpublished manuscript of my grandfather, “An Occult History of the Midwest”, a dense and obscure 1,300 page narrative which traces the lineage of the Omaha Theosophical Society back to various mystery schools in Vienna, Prague, India and Tibet before it suddenly breaks off.

Interlaced with the history are many short texts, some of which are familiar, and many which I have been unable to find mention of anywhere else. The manuscript is primarily in English, although certain parts of it, which are preceded by warnings and cautions, are written in another language which I believe is the tongue of a certain class of minor deities who specialize in foreshadowing destinies, deities who are long lived, and have the time to engage in vast studies of human events utilizing resources we can’t even dream of.

These deities are impossibly hard to attract though. They are not impressed by credentials. They are not interested in flattery. They are not moved by offerings. And they are indifferent to worship. To befriend them you have to become one of them, and that is not an easy task. My grandfather understood this and was willing to make the required sacrifice. He had seen something, an outcome he wanted to prevent, and did not have the luxury of following a slow path to attainment.


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