Ghost River – 4

October 10, 2006 at 5:01 pm (Ghost River)


The Omaha Theosophical Society’s Hermetic Lodge formed in 1927. That was the year my Grandfather would later claim “the rip in the fabric” occurred. Of course if he had known that then, he could have done something useful, like sell stocks and buy gold. But these things only appear later in hindsight. The Lodge led a rather tumultuous existence for a number of years, and then started losing members until it was formally disbanded. My grandfather lived a little while longer working on his manuscript until he died in 1941at the age of 49.

The purpose of the Hermetic Lodge was to conduct experiments. My grandfather was not only a theosophist but a scientist. He had limited patience for theosophists who merely advanced theories and collected antiquarian lore, and presented it as if that alone should suffice as proof of something. Certainly it was evidence enough of the unexplained, but knowing that, what was one to do? Believing in subtle forces was one thing, utilizing them was another.

He also had limited patience for science which did not go beyond science itself. The edge of science is always speculative. He favored what he called ‘spontaneous experiments’, those that precede without assumptions. Of course even these experiments do not always turn out as one intends.

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