Ghost River – 5

October 11, 2006 at 4:25 pm (Ghost River)

It is all good and well to speak vaguely of other worlds. To visit them and take up residence, that’s an entirely different matter. Worlds of course each have their own physics, their own logos and mythos. Of course we are speaking of pure worlds where the mythos is not fractured as in ours. Our world is a not actually a world per se, but more of a vast central station, where one can purchase passage to one destination or another. Everyone passes through, but no one stays. Destinies are revealed but do not begin or end here.

As a transport station our world is a bit of a free zone. It accommodates a lot of modes of travel, not merely human. All the beings here have over time developed rather complex forms of interaction, utilizing and being utilized by one another. There is a natural hierarchy of capability – plants are at the bottom, then animals, then ourselves and then spirits – but all share the same moment, the same presence to that moment.

Now there is much misinformation on the nature of spirits. One reads accounts of magicians who force spirits to do their bidding. In the East too, one reads of great masters who bind spirits to their purposes. It is possible of course, but the general trend is quite in the other direction. As a class of beings, spirits, or daimons as they are better called, have considerably more powers than humans do. Their ethical range is at least as diverse as ours. Traditionally there are said to be nine orders of angels and nine of demons, but this bifurcation ignores the vast numbers who like ourselves have a mix of good and not so good intentions.

Of course boundaries such as inner and outer blur considerably at times. And since the rip in the fabric occurred, daimons have had a lot more free play then they did previously. Whereas possession was once rare, over the last hundred years it has become depressingly habitual. Modern consciousness has become so fragmented that daimons have little difficulty continually moving in and out of beings.

Hence to draw attention to these matters, to actually engage the daimons directly doesn’t put us at any special risk. Quite to the contrary – it is clear to anyone who watches the subtle flow of events that the daimons are already out – those who are aware have the protection of their awareness, whereas the great majority of individuals wandering about dazed and confused, let every kind of spirit flutter through them constantly like wind rippling in the wheat.

Not impeded by physicality, spirits are not just flowing in and out of human beings, but also animals, plants and so called inanimate objects. Quite a few spirits are even able to manifest physical bodies on their own even. The ordinary person has no appreciation of the rather large number of people there are roaming about who strictly speaking, are not real at all.


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