Ghost River – 7

October 13, 2006 at 4:05 pm (Ghost River)

“When I came I opened the way, and taught them about the bridge they will cross, those who are chosen and know…”

The experiments I have been working on are rather difficult and somewhat dangerous. They are similar to those of my grandfather, those I discussed in The Order of the White Rose. Western understanding of these matters has increased significantly since his day, and I believe through my close study of the Alchemical History I have detected the mistakes he made and have corrected them.

Our shared interest is in transporting ourselves with all senses and mental functions intact into worlds other than this one. That this is possible I have no doubt. The unsettled issue is how to do this with sufficient control to ensure safe and untroubled passage.

Of course we all leave this world eventually. Leaving is not the difficult part. The difficult part is coming back. This is not always given the consideration it should. One reads many narratives of investigators who started out with the best of scientific intentions, and then went native, so to speak, and just stayed over in some other world until everything they knew of this one had disappeared.

Unfortunately, my late wife was an investigator of this sort. Becoming interested in my work, I shared my discoveries with her and she proved a quicker adept than myself in putting them into practical use. While I can barely cross over for an hour or two at a time, she would cross over for days, then come back, glowing and full of strange conversation. Once she came back and wouldn’t eat or drink anything except ice cream that I fed to her. Another time, she brought some books, but when I opened them, there were nothing but blank pages. Then one time, she didn’t come back at all.


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