Blue Kansas

October 30, 2006 at 11:00 am (Blue Kansas)

How do you know
If you don’t go
Where the black cat
Is leading
Into the field
Of nearly solid darkness?
How do you know
If you don’t surrender
To the open sarcophagus
That lies in front of you
And listen to the hymns of the dead?
Until you start falling
Into the weightlessness
That is like a dream or like
Any of a thousand other things
Suddenly present
You won’t even have a clue.
Don’t worry
If you exist or not
Or whether
You know anything
Special or useful
Simply float and see
The unimaginable beauty of it all
Even if the ravens and ibises
And crocodiles of the next world
Offer to make everything clear
Be sure you understand
The hieroglyphs
Before you converse with them
Or hope
That since you
Are one of the few
That can see
What the pictures never show
The daughter of the sun
Will find you

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