Library of the Dead

October 31, 2006 at 7:23 am (Blue Kansas)

After you die
They will give you a typewriter
And a quiet place
Where you can write down everything that happened
Everything you saw
Everything you felt
You can take as long as you want
Your memory will be perfect
All the details will be there for you
As crisp and clear as the moment they first occurred
When you finish the book
They will find someone to publish it for you
The only publisher left actually
The house publisher for the Library of the Dead
Once your book is printed
It will sit on the shelves with the others
Many others – too many to count
Curious, you might want to look through some of these
You might especially enjoy those you wrote
In your previous lives
You will find the catalog system superb
Telepathic in fact
You won’t just read words
The images and events will all appear as if they are real
So real you will forget whether you are living or dead
Whether the book you are reading is from a former life
Or one that has yet to be lived
The images will start to swirl together into a great blur
Of sound and color
And then a warm tunnel of light will open
And you will start to fall and fall and fall and fall
All the way down into the womb of the Great Mother
Who loves writers so much
She gives birth to them constantly

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