The Depths of Tiredness

November 1, 2006 at 6:17 pm (Blue Kansas)


The depths of tiredness
Are like a dark pool at the end of a long winding path
In a still and quiet forest
Where the shadows of thousands of leaves
Form an impenetrable archway overhead
Looking into the pool
You see vague reflections
Which remind you of the ridged patterns
On Greek pottery
And images from a half-remembered poem by Baudelaire
Or sunlight reflecting on the auburn hair
Of a girl you knew a long time ago
You sit down under a thick cypress tree
And stare into the mirror of water
Until the reflections disappear
And there is nothing
Nothing but a thin line of numbness
Running from the back of your throat
Through your arms and chest
Into nothing
And the pool and numbness
Are both the same and there is no further ground
To step back on
The last layer is revealed, laid open
And there is nothing
Nothing but a slight wind
Which seems cold
And a feeling that from somewhere far away
Sleep and darkness are rumbling towards you
Like a heavy iron train at the distant end
Of a long fathomless tunnel
You only vaguely knew existed

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