Desert Fathers

November 14, 2006 at 10:49 am (Blue Kansas)

Within the book it is written
That the words of the Lord
Come as a river of fire
A vast desert of fire
Windswept with anchorites
Who gaze through the flames
Toward a distant endless sea
A sea that sparkles
In the unstoppable sun
A sun that burns all desire
The scent of madness swirls
As a windstorm envelops the sand
The white monastery
Perched on the mountain cliff
Is lost in an ocean of its own
The ocean of a god
No one remembers
For once the names disappear
The names of the Father
The names of the Son
The names of the numbers between zero and one
Only then in the translucent light of paradise
Does the unsought appear
Unhurried, nearly invisible, nothing at all
Yet to reach that place
That place no one has ever been
Old men, white as stones
Will stay awake night after night
In expectation

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