Missing Girl – 3

November 19, 2006 at 8:12 pm (Missing Girl)

The next day we went to visit Chen Yet Chen.

I had been on some of the lantern tours before so I knew what the place looked like at twilight and at night, but I hadn’t been there during the day. We went in mid-afternoon, but the day was very dark and overcast, raining off and on.

The garden is unbelievable. Rather than try and describe it, I will show you the pictures I took with Jenny’s camera.  


To get to the gardens you have to climb up a long series of steps. 

At the top of the steps, a carriage was waiting for us.


The bamboo forest was very dark.


We came to a cross in the lane. Left or right, the driver asked. Left, Suzanne answered.


The carriage dropped us off at a small cemetery.


Nearby was an old pagoda.


We  looked inside, but then turned away quickly.


We went down some steps and into a blue forest.


“There,” Suzanne said, “That’s Chen Yet Chen’s house. I am going to leave you now.”


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