Winter – 1

December 14, 2006 at 1:04 pm (Winter)

Von Josti

“There must be something occult in everyone, something hidden away, a closed and secret signifier, that inhabits the ordinary.”


As the world begins to close in, and the darkness grows stronger, I think of the fabled jeweled net of Indra. I think, although I am here, in just a single place and time, a single city within that space and time, that mysteriously, all places and times, and all cities within space and time are here too. Their moments are our moments and our moments are theirs.

I think this net may be an actual, existing thing. When we talk of the patterns underlying experience, we think we are talking metaphorically.  We don’t think of these patterns as having any physicality, any actual tangibility.  We don’t sense the strings that run from one appearance to another.  The inner world in which they reside is just imagination. Yet perhaps we miss the fact that the medium of our inter-relatedness is inner-relatedness. We are separated in space and time only because there is no separation in space and time.  

But just as all the points on the net reflect each other, just so, there are different luminosities, different intensities, different translucencies appearing and disappearing. The jeweled net is not one of singular uniformity, but of vast spaces and intricate forms, sudden certainties and veiled ambiguities. There is physicality to inner space just as there is physicality to external space.

Looking out we see the lights, sparkling in the darkness.  Lights that rule us in deeper and more intimate ways than our various sciences reveal. But as with all forms of symbolic archeology, the end is in the beginning. Knowing what we want is the way to realizing what we want. It’s all in the strength and clarity of our desire. That is what is so difficult for us–letting our intention bare itself completely.

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