Winter – 4

December 18, 2006 at 5:02 pm (Winter)

Von Josti

“Phenomena, inexplicable by any known laws, are occurring all over the world and revealing, as their cause, the actions of a free and intelligent force.”

                                                                Kardec, The Spirits’ Book

Intelligence is the boundary of perception. We see only what we have the intelligence to see. Frightened by the indeterminate, we have channeled our curiosity to increasingly narrow strictures. Only when these burst, only when sudden grace unfreezes the kaleidoscope of appearances fixed by our predispositions, only then do new worlds appear. It is easy to exhaust oneself in the horizontal, but appearance added to appearance only produces appearance. It does not reach the inexhaustible splendor of the vertical. To accomplish that, one has to find a different body of sense altogether.

It is our beliefs and perceptions that have frozen appearance. The most interesting fields of inquiry only open up when one removes belief as a constraint. Dissolved into the completeness of the present, everything moves about freely, entirely of its own accord, and new configurations become possible, even as old ones return. Once you’ve put an end to belief, then the ancient body, the one buried at the crossroads comes alive.

We must look for the cause of things in that which is not the work of thought. In this way, absence reveals a deeper presence. The vastness is in the tiniest of particles. First, there is nothing, then everything, then nothing again. Yet nothing ever changes. We are stilled by benevolent mysteries. We begin to speak then find we can’t say anything at all. Everything stays to the left of the equation – the signs are all there, but nothing can be added or subtracted. Plus infinity, minus infinity – it’s all the same.

Of course it takes a long time, a lifetime, to cease believing in things, maybe more than a lifetime. But even now, in our world of dark glass and faint light, we can make a small start, maybe, by each day believing one less thing than we believed the day before.

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