Winter – 5

December 19, 2006 at 3:34 pm (Winter)

Von Josti

It is night now and snow is starting to fall. Beautiful white flakes are falling through the clear crisp air. The earth has waited all year for this snow, to be blanketed in snow, to be erased in snow.

I am sitting here at the café alone. It’s late and the town is quite quiet. Melinda has left, all the chairs except one are stacked neatly on the tables, the floor is swept, the counters are clean, everything is in place, ready for the next day. In the arc of the streetlight the snowflakes flutter through the air like tiny feathers.

We need to know when enough is enough. We need to think of what might lie beyond this life. Everything we work so hard for is like working hard for things in a dream. If we don’t start laying in something for the future, we are going to have a hard winter. The apparent has no heart, no soul, no real meaning behind it. But nonetheless, it is in its way quite beautiful, astonishing beautiful at times. It is our heart though that gives it its beauty – it’s our heart that gives everything its luster.

That’s the heart that goes on the scales. Not too far from now. Maybe sooner than we think.Not the heart that is slowly hardening under the weight of too much pastry, rouladen and buttered spaetze, but the other heart, the one that has brought this world into being, and the one that can restore it.

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