Winter – 6

December 21, 2006 at 4:05 pm (Winter)


We forget the earth endures out of inner correction. Perhaps it is not fire we have to fear, but the ice. That is what the old Tibetan glimpsed. He could see the ocean because it was very close to us. The scent of the sea was already in the air.

At some point we went off the calendar, off time into empty space. There are no reference points, nothing familiar to use as a marker. There is nothing to be counted. In the brightness of early afternoon, the Winter sun on the fresh fallen Snow sparkles like diamonds. Thousands of diamonds – all of snow.

So the net has strands that go from jewel to jewel. From here we apparently can go to other places. We can go to wutai just the same way you go to strangercreek. Every town has its own address, just type it in.

What is hidden is apparent and what is apparent is hidden. What is missing and what has never been lost are the same. So many different worlds – all at a fingertip. Which will we choose to inhabit? Which will choose us?

To give such a matter due attention, one must become intoxicated to the point of near-madness. Tonight at the Café we are serving roast goose with red cabbage, strudel, and potato pancakes, with our usual assortment of wines, salads, appetizers and desserts.  After that we open the Woodfords. Fire and Ice – who has courage to mix them?

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