Posthumous Journal – 5

February 11, 2007 at 5:55 pm (Ghost River)

John Hayes

 February 11th

What is the single element that brings all the other elements to life? That is what the philosophers seek. That which is most common and most used, yet seldom noticed.

We have lived our whole lives in ignorance and fear, but also in hope. That hope is our freedom. Perhaps we do not hope for much, perhaps we hope for a lot. That hope is our way out.

Within the physical body is a luminous body. When the four elements dissolve, the light remains. Freedom is in the light.

We enter the theatre
In darkness
Stumbling into a movie
With no beginning
And no sure end
We stroll along the river
And watch the clouds drift
Across an endless Sunday afternoon
We buy a book
And gaze between the letters
Reminiscing about different textures of light
Moving our fingers gently
Across the furrowed crevices
Of inaudible currents
Once everything comes to rest
It’s easy to see what creates
And what dissolves
But until then
We must suffer the weight
And temper of images
Bear their rudeness
Flatter their vanities
Assuage their fears
Until they all drown
In the perfect sleep of Spring

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