A Treatise on Alchemical Magic

February 22, 2007 at 11:42 am (Occult History)

In going through the papers of the late John Hayes, I found this unusual manuscript which I wanted to bring to the attention of our literary and philosophical friends. It was apparently translated from the German by John’s grandfather William Hayes in the mid 1930’s. It seems to be one of the texts circulated by the Sonnentraumen group in Vienna which William Hayes had contact with. The name of the orginal author or compiler of the text is not given, but talking with Werner, he feels it was the sense of the Sonnentraumen group that the text was written by Johann Faust sometime in the mid-16th century.
Lynn Alexander

Chapter One: On the Nature and Benefit of this Art

This is the treatise on Alchemica, the Black Art as taught by the Lord of Hidden Truth, the Lord that rouses us from sleep, infuses us with visions, and reveals to us the path of transformation that perfects the primal matter of our imperfect being.

The gold of the philosophers is to be produced by the actions of the great elixir.

This elixir, the most perfect essence of all the elements, is called the most ancient, secret, incomprehensible, and heavenly-blessed stone of the sages, for it is able to work great wonders. It is the quintessence, the indestructible body, the most precious of all treasures.

The Art that knows that this elixir is true, more certain than certainty itself, the secret of secrets, the divine virtue that has been wisely hidden from the foolish.

It is the aim and end of all things under heaven. It is the conclusion of all labors. It is the great gift of God who transmits this secret only when and to whom he desires.

The Lord who can do all things and become all things, appearing to each in the form best suited to him, comes to those who are devoted to Him and counsels them in hidden ways.

He shows them how the great transformation is accomplished and how the luminous and spiritual in man is realized.

For he who possesses this elixir shall possess all that he desires. He shall perform all things that are possible under the Sun.

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