A Treatise on Alchemical Magic – 2

February 23, 2007 at 2:52 pm (Occult History)

Chapter Two: On the One Who Is Called Thrice-Blest Hermes

The Lord of All has entrusted this wisdom to thrice-blest Hermes. Thus, he who would learn the Black Art must be taught it at his feet.

Hermes is known by many names and offices. He is the shepherd who protects the flock of secret knowledge. He is the patron of wealth and all good commerce. He is the Lord who gives expression to intellect, the messenger who communicates the word of heaven, and the friend who reveals the hidden truth.

He is God of boundaries and the One who is beyond all boundaries. He is the guide of souls to both light and darkness. He is the conveyer of dreams, whose wand causes both sleep and wakefulness. And he is the great initiator of the dead who severs the lock of hair that binds one to the world of shadows.

He is the one who gave man words and writing, numbers and measures, alphabets and books. He is the prophet of signs and occurrences, whose presence is told by unexpected sights and sequences. Inventor of the lyre, stealer of the cattle of the Sun, it is he who first lit the sacrificial fire. He is a great teacher of all rite and magic.

So it is of great benefit to make acquaintance with this Lord. He is well known for his kindness and charm, his eloquence and humor, his clarity, his subtly, and his quickness of mind. And of all who rule the stars and the earth, he is said to be the most gentle and benevolent to man.

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