A Treatise on Alchemical Magic – 4

March 1, 2007 at 10:06 am (Occult History)

Chapter Four: On the Signs and Virtues of the Spheres

One can determine whether one is in conflict or in favor with the spheres by observing closely the virtues and signs arising from them.

One in favor with the Moon is kind and gentle, nourishing, full and expansive, and fortunate. If one is in conflict with the Moon, one becomes heavy and irritable, abrupt, unkind, fearful, harsh, and cruel.

One in favor with Mercury is intelligent, prudent, clever, sensible, quick, capable of great learning, inventive, logical, observant, skillful in argument, philosophical, accurate in speculation, and well-adapted to the sciences and mysteries. One in conflict with Mercury is forgetful, frivolous, foolish, inconsiderate, careless, inconstant, predisposed to error, fraudulent, deceitful, and empty of truth.

One in favor with Venus is pure, virtuous, affectionate, compassionate, refined in taste, amicable, polite, joyous, pious, serene, sincere, honest, and radiant. One in conflict with Venus is dull, vain, inconstant, careless, unsteady, faithless, dissolute, licentious, impure, slanderous, and impious.

One if favor with the Sun is benevolent, industrious, honorable, brilliant, temperate, praiseworthy, and glorious. One in conflict with the Sun is cruel, obstinate, depraved, debased, and evil.

One in favor with Mars is noble, brave, versatile, powerful, daring, bold, confident, competent, skillful in command, inventive, cheerful, honest, and friendly. One in conflict with Mars is cruel, sanguinary, pitiless, restless, hostile, quick to anger, ungovernable, treacherous, avaricious, quarrelsome, violent, and impulsive.

One in favor with Jupiter is generous, helpful, just, gracious, reverent, joyous, courteous, lofty, liberal, noble, fond of learning, judicious, merciful, fortunate, sincere, skillful in counsel, competent in government, cheerful, affectionate with family, dignified and philosophical. One in conflict with Jupiter is prejudiced, careless, indifferent, frivolous, fanatical, affecting of wisdom, foolish, arrogant, dishonest in art, gullible, dull, vain, and empty,

One in favor with Saturn is careful, strong, profound, austere, singular, virtuous, respectful, well-intentioned, helpful, frugal, affectionate, mild, prudent, and patient. One in conflict with Saturn is envious, ill-disposed, indiscriminate, weary, empty of affection, incapable of enjoyment, superstitious, inflexible, suspicious, incapable of friendship, faithless, without ambition, morose, hypocritical, bigoted, idle, and useless.

The one skilled in this Art pays close attention to all signs of character. Thus by attending to virtue and vice one can determine the source of favor and conflict and apply the proper remedies and antidotes in order to bring the elements and spheres into harmony.

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