A Treatise on Alchemical Magic – 7

March 7, 2007 at 6:18 pm (Occult History)

William Hayes

Chapter Seven: On the Qualities and Properties of Number

In all matters in which this Art is expounded, it is of great value to know the qualities and properties of Number, for as the ancient sage has said, everything is disposed according to numbers.

Know first that the further a number is away from unity, the more deeply it is implicated in matter, and that until all numbers become the sum of One then nothing of importance can be accomplished.

For numbers have not been cast out blindly into the world, but in accordance with the laws of harmony, they form the steadfast bond by which all things are mutually related.

One is the beginning, the source, light, unity and perfect stillness, the mystic center in which all is pure potential and possibility.

Two is the dark birth, hidden movement, multiplication and division, the horizontal world of cycles, the bridge of shadows, and the dance of delight.

Three is beauty, the charm of time, the trinity of emanations, the inner triangle of fire, the generative power, the number of wisdom and piety. And so for this reason we offer our libations and prayers three times.

Four is solidity, stability, the foundation, balance, the joining of the vertical and the horizontal, the cross of the elements, the number of the winds and seasons, and the sign of all outer activity.

Five is number of man, creative imbalance, alteration, change and magic, new growth, revelation, and divine justice.

Six is discovery and exploration, reconciliation, the turning of the realms of being, the faculties of perception, and the directions of space. In it the two triangles of fire and water meet, and give birth to the Soul.

Seven is the motherless virgin, the delight of all. In it the square and the triangle are joined. It is the number of the spheres, of good fortune, of auspicious coincidence, perfect order, the heavens, the virtues, the days of creation, the colors, the notes, and magical letters.

Eight is the path, the balance of opposing forces, the rose and wheel, the sign of the infinite, and the number of unceasing motion.

Nine is the triple synthesis, the threshold, the number of darkness, and of truth.

Ten is the created world, mathematics and commerce, the city, power, and fulfillment.

Eleven is complexity, excess, and abundant yet dangerous fortune.

Twelve is the circle, the signs of the hours, months, and the stars, the order of divinity, completeness, and fullness in unity.

In the twelve all is accomplished, and harmony rules. But man, reckless and ever thirsting to go beyond what is given, finds yet another number for himself. And thus we say thirteen is the number of bad fortune, birth and death, that which is out of balance and ripe for disaster.

At this point the manuscript breaks off


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