Some Photos of the Grove

I have added some photos to what was posted here last week. It is not as dangerous a place as Mr. Tyler and others would have you believe. You just have to chew some High John the Conqueror root while your walking (hiding a crucifex on your body wrapped in garlic is a good idea too). Enjoy… Jenny Lynn

A giant oak at the edge of the grove.

Entering the Woods. For some reason there is always a mist here.

It gets pretty tangled up at times.

Some trees it’s better to walk around.

Almost seems like these steps carved out here…

Lots of these strange structures around. I wonder what they’re used for.

Little pools of water here and there. I wouldn’t drink any of it though.

This is the Willows – I get really unnerved walking around here.

You can almost lose your way once these start blowing in the wind.

This tree must have died a long time ago.

Why do I feel I’m always being watched when I’m here?

Probably better leave pretty soon now.

On the edges of the Grove there are a few abandoned sites. Guess the land wasn’t right for farming.

An old well. I think it’s best to leave it covered.

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