Welcome to Stranger Creek. I’m Lynn Alexander, town librarian, and I’ll be your narrator and local tour guide. Please take your time and look around – you will see that Stranger Creek is a town rich in history and local color.

Narratives contain collections of some of our longer posts. They are grouped by theme. Be sure to check out the various comments our local residents have contributed as well – quite a bit of town lore is revealed there. The Local News -Winter 2007 comments are the most recent, but diving into past comments (under Local News and Local Places of Interest) may prove illuminating.

As we enter a new year here at Stranger Creek, we look forward to continuing to share with you the many facets of our unusual Kansas community.

If there’s anything I can do to help you find your way, just give me a call.

Best wishes,


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  1. “Stranger Than Strange” DRAFT! « baker Blinker’s Weblog said,

    […] it was this <a href=”“>Stranger Creek Blog that I’ve actually added to my blog roll here that shed this […]

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